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AJ Brown had a career day in the Eagles’ win over the Steelers – BGN
With nearly the fourth quarter left in play, the Eagles WRAJ Brown had already set high marks in his career receiving yards and touchdowns against the Steelers. Philly pulled off the start with more than nine minutes left in the game, thanks to a 35-13 lead and close in on Thursday night’s football, but that meant Brown finished the game with six catches for 156 yards and three touchdowns. It was 43 yards long, averaged 26 yards per catch, and was targeted 11 times, leaving a bit more in the field. You could tell early on that Jalen Hurts’ connection to AJ Brown would be in full swing. It didn’t take long for Brown to get his first hit of the day, 39 yards in traffic.

BGN Instant Reaction Show: The Eagles – Week 8 of the Steelers – BGN Radio
The Eagles 7-0! Shane Huff (HAFFnHAFF_TPL), Johnny Page (@JonnyPage9), Jessica Taylor (@Jessi_Taylor21) and Rachel Privet (raichelemonique) react to the Eagles’ dominant Week 8 win against the Steelers.

Eagles crush Steelers, best start game in franchise history – Draft Kings Nation
Philadelphia came into the weekend with -10000 odds of making the playoffs, -400 odds of winning the NFC East, and +500 odds of winning the NFC East Energy. However, the NFC East remains tight, with the Giants sitting far behind while the Cowboys are a game and a half behind. The Eagles are in great shape because the 7-0 team never missed the playoffs, but they cut their work to win the score.

Week 8: Christian McCaffrey’s mega day and a look at all 32 teams halfway (ish) through 2022 – FMIA
AJ Brown, wide receiver, Philadelphia. That trade sounded too good to be true last spring when it happened: The Eagles dealt picks 18 and 101 in the draft to Tennessee against a 24-year-old wide receiver (now 25) AJ Brown, who averaged 62 catches, 998 yards and eight TDs in his first three years on the first running team. Brown was happy not only to be taken to Philadelphia to play with his good friend, quarterback Galen Hurts, but also to get a rich new contract that he couldn’t get in Tennessee. Sunday was Brown’s heyday. In the first half alone against Pittsburgh, Hurts and Brown tied five times for 113 yards — including touchdown receptions from 39, 27 and 29 yards in the first 25 minutes of the game. Good trade, Howie Rosman.

10 Eagles-Steelers – PhillyVoice prizes awarded
Brown is a player who can simply run around the court and make plays, which is great to have if your risk of suffering (it wasn’t in any way today). Can’t you get anything? Simply shake it up to No. 11. Braun is the best wide receiver of the Eagles since Terrell Owens. There’s actually enough argument that he’s playing better than Owens so far. In 2004, Owens had 77 catches for 1,200 yards and 14 TDs in 14 games. In 2022, Brown was on track to score 95 catches for 1,600 yards and 12 pit stops.

Happy AJ Day – Eagles Blitz
If you are old enough, refer to TO. Brown is that level of receiver, a guy who can do tough catches and big play on a regular basis. The Steelers had no answer for him. He would have posted bigger numbers if the Eagles hadn’t sat down initially in the last nine minutes. It was this kind of game. Jalen Hurts was awesome. Went 19-28-285 with 4 TDs and no shifts. The other TD was 34 yards for Zach Pascal. Hurts took advantage of a poor secondary opportunity to throw the ball down. Throw in some absolute dimes. The Eagles’ attack was so explosive that they scored 35 points and only ran once into the red zone. I’ve never heard of anything like this. The offensive rookie was in the match with only 43 shots. That’s roughly one point per game. Again, this is crazy. I could do it on the SuperTecmo Bowl, but doing it in a real game is amazing. Fabulous.

Eagles Brown still sees room for growth after historic performance – ESPN +
One minor concern about the undefeated Eagles entering their seventh week was that they didn’t score in the second half. When asked how they managed to keep their feet on the gas against Pittsburgh, which led to two more touchdowns, Lynn Johnson said, “Just throw that mommy to No. 11. That guy had a special day.” The same can be said for Hurts, who hit the highest level. In his career with four touchdowns. His budding chemistry with Brown is clear. His last two touchdowns with Brown could not have been better synchronized. The former wasn’t supposed to go to Brown, who was running a trail to clear the way for DeVonta Smith, but Hurts saw Fitzpatrick playing with a little low coverage, went off script, and tapped Brown to run the jets and make a play.

In Defeating the Eagles with the Steelers, Galen Hurts Continues To Prove His Advance As QB – Inquirer
Sunday provided tangible evidence that Hurts made strides himself, regardless of the favorable circumstances surrounding him. Often, the Eagles rely on him, within the range of reading options calls, to carry the ball himself; Puts and keeps opposing defenders in their wake. Hurts didn’t need to do that against the Steelers, whose defense has been soft against the pass all season. He’s only ran twice, and the Eagles (if you remove the kneeling Minshew down to finish the game) have only had 19 lunge attempts all day.

NFL Week 8 Game Recap: Philadelphia Eagles 35, Pittsburgh Steelers 13 – PFF
Offensive Spotlight: That’s why the Eagles picked AJ Brown in the first round. Brown made six catches for 156 yards and three runs. And a significant number of those were not arrested unless the receiver’s name was A.J. Brown.

Eagles reactions: Pro Bowl Hurts rooftop – NBCSP
I think Eagles fans knew AJ Brown was doing well when the Birds pulled out of night trading wide, but I’m not quite sure they know how good that was. With seven games this year, Brown has repeatedly shown he’s the complete package on a wide receiver, and Sunday’s dominant showing—six grabs, 156 yards, three touchdowns—was the latest and most visible reminder that this is a legitimately elite WR. How many league-level bid points will Brown take over? Here is my shortlist: Terek Hill, Cooper Cope, Justin Jefferson, Stefon Diggs, Davante Adams. This is it. Everyone else in the league and I think we’re having a discussion, and I think I’ll wrap up the game on Brown.

Packers and Chiefs Study On Contradictions, But Can NFL Trade Deadline Help? Choice Six Sandu – Athlete
The Eagles have proven nothing if not able to adapt since Siriani took over as coach. Last season, Philly ranked first on Cook’s index through Week 6, with 68 percent of the time in early touchdowns passing in the first 28 minutes, ahead of time remaining and score variance exerting a greater influence on inclinations. Then, adapting the attack to Hurts, they became the heaviest team in the league on Cook’s index over the next six weeks, passing just 37% of the time in those positions. From Week 13 to Sunday of 2021, the Eagles are back among the teams with the most passers in these neutral situations, where teams can be as easily as they want. He took Philly to another level against the Steelers.

What was the game-changing moment in the Steelers’ loss to the Eagles? Behind the iron curtain
AJ Brown’s first TD reception. After the Steelers opened the game on three -7-yard drives, the Philadelphia Eagles blasted off in nine games that covered 68 yards and ultimately finished off with a 39-yard touchdown pass from Galen Hurts to AJ Brown. Although it looked as if Minka Fitzpatrick might be able to come down with the interception, he misfired and the Eagles took a 7-0 lead and forced the Steelers attack to play from behind.

Jason Kelsey’s Batman Mask Was Scary, But Eagles Are Terrifying – SB Nation
In the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Pittsburgh Steelers, quarterback Jason Kelsey was on the sidelines wearing a Batman mask. But this might not be the scariest outfit in NFC eyes. No, that was for the Eagles themselves, who came out of farewell week in perhaps the scariest outfit of the rest of NFC. A complete soccer team. The Eagles went right back where they left off during the 6-0 start, taking care of their actions against the Pittsburgh Steelers in an impressive 35-13 win, and moving to 7-0 for the first time since the 2004 season. Quarterback Galen Hurts was on standby almost all day, He often targeted AJ Brown, Philadelphia’s big takeover receiver. Hurts in the afternoon finished completing 19 of 28 passes for 285 yards and 4 touchdowns, while Brown had 6 passes for 156 yards and 3 degrees. But the duo was just part of the story. However, we’ll start there with Brown and Hurts. The new Philadelphia receiver set huge numbers in the first half alone, earning 5 passes for 113 yards and 3 touchdowns, numbers that most receivers like to spread over the course of the entire game.

Week 9 Opening Chances for the Eagles in Texas (With Special Guest) – Battle Red . Blog
Well, time for the truth. It’s going to be tough, all of you. Here are the odds, brought to you by DraftKings, who are run by likable people I’m sure I don’t really want them to think I mean anything other than that. Favorite: Philadelphia Eagles (-13).

10 Thoughts On The Cowboys’ 49-29 Victory Over The Bears – Blogging On The Boys
10. Running defense is still a problem. The Cowboys’ attack was put on a clinic in a running game where they finished the game with 200 rushing yards, including four quick touchdowns. But they weren’t the only ones who managed the ball well. Chicago was cutting running lanes up to 240 yards in acceleration. This is an area that still causes a cowboy defense problem. There will be times when they are out on the court processing a loss, but there are also times when they give up big hits. Opposing teams do everything they can to avoid rushing passes against the Cowboys’ defense and running the ball effectively is a surefire way to do that.

Things I Think Giants Seahawks: Familiar Scenario Failed Giants Sunday – Big Blue View
During the first seven matches, the Giants were +36 in the fourth quarter, having outperformed their opponents 58-22. The only match that was won in the fourth quarter was the third week loss to Cowboys in Dallas, when they were outnumbered 10-3. On Sunday against Seattle, the Giants lost the fourth quarter 14-3. The Giants watched Tyler Lockett make amends for an earlier touchdown pass by defeating Adoree’ Jackson and Xavier McKinney for 33 yards giving Seattle a 20-13 lead. They watched James falter on his second kick, landing Kenneth Walker with 5:22 to play which put the game out of reach. The giants were unable to find the fourth quarter mojo when attacking. They had 12 games in the stall and only scored a Graham Gano field goal. They went three times after Lockett landed. “We just didn’t do enough today all the way. Once again, give Seattle credit,” said head coach Brian Dabol. “It’s tough, the ball is important, we have to do a better job looking after it, we have to do a better job of executing and finishing the push, converting some of the third defeats in particular early in the game.”

What are the odds? Washington opens its gates as the underdog against the Minnesota Vikings – Hughes Haven
Washington hosts the Minnesota Vikings and they start the week as home underdogs. DraftKings Sportsbook The opening streak is at +3 for Washington, and 44 1/2 points O/U.

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