Top 5: Al Qantara continues its rampage



1. Al Qantara: The film was swinging in theaters even after its third week of release. Imported by Rishabh Shetty from Kannada Film Industry, this captivating novel has created new records in terms of budget and return on investment.

The movie plays out in multiple genres with weird and mysterious concepts and ends up with a dash of divinity. The combos are impressive when compared to other films in the league.

In all, the film grossed a total of Rs 285 crore at the Indian box office, putting all language versions together. The movie still continues to rampage at the box office.

2. Uri Devoda: The film completed its second round in the weekend but has yet to achieve a tie. This movie by Ashwath Marimuthu is an imported story from the Tamil film industry “Oh My Kadavule”.

Daggubati Venkatesh, Vishwaksen, Mithila Palkar and Asha Bhat starred in the lead role. This goes along the lines of Bruce Almighty but deals with a simple story.

PVP produced the movie, but the collections are moving at a slow pace. Expectations were not reached despite the good stardom.

3 – Sardar: The movie started with some good expectations. The first weekend was encouraging for this movie but it eventually faded away.

The film deals with the differences between the beliefs of a son and a father. The dual role of Carthy made all the difference in this engaging narrative.

The talk was good and he got 75 kr each from tamil and telugu so far. But the film is expected to run better considering the budget incurred and the star cast.

4. Prince: The movie did not do as expected. Anudeep came of fame as Jathi Ratnalu with this movie that casts Sivakathikeyan, Maria and Satyaraj in the main roles.

The movie goes along the lines of a funny yet funny story, bearing in mind that there is nothing serious in the whole story. The sets were good for this movie in the beginning and finally, by the end of the second weekend, he could earn Rs 40 crore total in both Tamil and Telugu.

This movie is also covered in tamil flavor from the stars to the atmosphere.

5. Black Adam: The film features Dwayne Johnson’s famous character in the main lead with Pierce Brosnan as the main character. Jaume Collette Serra directed the film.

The film deals with the resurrection of a man endowed with the mighty powers of the ancient gods.

He unleashes his unique form of justice in the modern world. The film can capture the attention of an urban audience in multiple axes.

The collections are only slightly satisfactory in select areas.

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