Elon Musk shares his ideas for Twitter’s new verification system



In this photo illustration, the Twitter logo appears on a smartphone screen with Elon Musk Twitter in the background in Athens, Greece on October 30, 2022. Elon Musk starts his Twitter ownership by shooting.

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Elon Musk brought up a series of ideas on Tuesday about a new process of verifying a Twitter user, which he recently ran It was acquired for $44 billion.

in Tweet threadMusk criticized the current system that Gives a blue check mark, or check, for notable users Such as politicians, members of the press, executives and other people and organizations. It was used as a way for users to know that a check mark means the account is legitimate. Other social networks, such as deadFacebook and Instagram have similar verification systems.

Musk said he would give “power to people” by offering Twitter Blue verification for $8 a month. He said that participants will get priority in mentions, replies and search, will receive half the number of ads and will be able to tweet long videos and audio.

He added that a secondary tag will appear below the usernames of public figures, which, as Musk noted, already exists for politicians.

The Tesla CEO also said that Twitter Blue subscribers will get a “paywall bypass” for publishers wanting to work with the social media platform. He claimed that this method “destroys bots” by increasing “the cost of crime on Twitter by several orders of magnitude”, adding that any blue account that deals with spam will be suspended.

It is unclear whether these changes will actually be implemented.

Musk thread follows earlier Reporting from The Verge Sunday That the tech billionaire was considering charging up to $19.99 a month for a Twitter Blue subscription. Twitter employees working on the project have reportedly been told they have until November 7 to launch the feature, or they will be fired, according to the report.

The Tesla CEO, who is also the CEO of reusable rocket maker SpaceX, completed the Twitter acquisition on October 28 and immediately made his mark there. He promptly fired the company’s CEO, CFO, and legal and political team leaders, and dissolved Twitter’s board of directors.

CNBC’s Laura Kolodny contributed to this report.

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