Bust of drug “Equalizer 3”: 120 grams of cocaine found by crew in Italy


Italian paramilitary police have raided hotel rooms used by catering company employees in “The Eq 3on the Amalfi Coast and arrested two caterers after seizing more than 100 grams of cocaine on Tuesday, according to local media.


Italian newspaper Il Giornale reports that Carabinieri police have stormed hotel rooms in the seaside resort of Maiori used by caterers for the “Equalizer 3” program after the movie’s catering chief died suddenly of a heart attack Monday night. Several small packages of cocaine were later found in the man’s clothes, which raised suspicions that there might be more drugs in the production facilities.

A police search yielded 120 grams of cocaine and resulted in two other members of the food vendor in the movie being placed under house arrest at the hotel on alleged drug charges. A third employee of the catering company was found in possession of a small amount of cocaine and his driver’s license was revoked.

In addition to the hotel, police have searched an area in the small port of Maiori where the film’s production was held, the newspaper reported.

“Equalizer 3” – which Sony Pictures has partnered with Italian company Eagle Pictures – is currently in its fourth week of shooting in the Amalfi Coast region, with local Maite Bulgari subsidiary Garbo Produzioni taking over physical production for the film. PIC has benefited from generous production incentives in Italy, through Garbo.

A representative for Garbo Produzioni said Wednesday that the company had no comment.

“Equalizer 3” which is directed by Antoine Fuqua Written by Richard Wink Stars Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning nearly 20 years after co-starring in “Man on Fire.” Also starring is Italian Gaia Scodellaro (“You Me and the Apocalypse”). Plot details are kept, and the film will be released on September 1, 2023. Producers are Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal, Washington, Antoine Fuqua, Clayton Townsend, Alex Siskin, Steve Tisch, Tony Eldridge, and Michael Sloan.

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