Popular 2022 PS4 Game Is Now Only $0.02



A popular PS4 game that was just released this Spring and previously cost $12.99 is now only $0.02 in a permanent price drop. It gets stranger though. While the game is two pennies on PS4, it’s actually free on Xbox One and PC via Steam. The game in question is Destroy All Humans! Clone Carnagewhich just came out back on May 31. Today, THQ Nordic announced the game was going free-to-play, except on PS4, where it will now cost the aforementioned two pennies.

Why the game costs two pennies on PS4 and is free on other platforms, we don’t know. Publisher THQ Nordic does not provide any explanation. That said, for this reason, and others, it’s safe to assume this is something to do with PlayStation policy and not the result of a THQ Nordic decision. Whatever the case, the difference between free-to-play and two pennies is trivial.

THQ Nordic also doesn’t say why the game is going free-to-play in the first place, but it’s presumably because it wasn’t generating enough interest as a paid experience. It’s increasingly standard industry practice for a multiplayer game to eventually go free-to-play (if it’s not already) in an attempt to give the game a second life.

Destroy All Humans! Clone Carnage was previously pitched as “standalone DLC” to the 2020 remake of Destroy All Humans!. Now, THQ Nordic is pitching the experience as the standalone multiplayer mode for the remake.

“Wreak havoc in Clone Carnage! This standalone DLC comes with 4 modes, 6 maps, and up to 4-player multiplayer,” reads the game’s original production description, which remains unchanged. “Split-screen lets you double the damage in local 2-player multiplayer. Unleash your wild side in Rampage, Armageddon, Race, and Abduction modes!

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