Best plays in the 2022 World Championships: Astros outshine Phillies in Game 5



The Houston Astros hold out more than Philadelphia Phyllis 3-2 on Thursday in Match 5 of World Championship 2022 to advance 3-2 in a series heading into Game 6.

Justin Verlander He made his fourth post-season start and second in the World Astros Championship. He finished with six strokes in five rounds, allowing only four strokes and only one run – Homer is ahead.

On the other side, Noah Sendergaard He made his second (fourth appearance) post-season start for the Phillies. He logged off after three rounds after allowing three hits and two runs, including one at home.

Here are the top plays from Game 5.

Astros 3, Phyllis 2 (HOU leads 3-2)

Start making a fuss!

The Astros jumped to an early lead 1-0 in the first half, thanks to successive big hits from Jose Altove And the Jeremy Peña. First, diver Altuve smashed Syndergaard to the right field and made it to third base after a foul from quarterback Phillies. Brandon March.

Then, Pena crushed an RBI in the middle to bring in the Altuve and get Houston on the board first.

Astros Jeremy Peña smashes RBI in the middle

Jeremy Pena smashes an RBI song in the middle to put Houston on the board.

Catch and mark

The Astros tried something very risky early on, but their plan was thwarted when Peña was kicked out at second base.

beautiful comment

The Phillies held things down the first half, courtesy of Picture Perfect Kyle Schwarber home run.

Kyle Schwarber launches home run

Kyle Schwarber launches home run

Kyle Schwarber fired a home lead to lead the Phillies to a 1-1 draw.

She celebrated 18th for the Phillies this post-season at Citizens Bank Park, tying the Astros’ record in 2017 for the most homeowners beaten in a single stadium in the post-season.

Pitchers take center stage

Both teams were relentless on the hill. Syndergaard had a big role for Phillies in the second…

…while Verlander’s slider knocked the Astros out of the crowd with the bases loaded at the bottom of the second half.

Not so fast!

Peña reminded baseball fans why he was the first rookie ever to win the Golden Glove after he made a huge play for Houston in the third inning on what was likely to be a huge hit. Nick Castellanos.

star power

With momentum on his side, Peña hit a solo home run in the fourth inning to give the Astros a 2-1 lead.

Jeremy Peña runs his solo career at home

Jeremy Peña runs his solo career at home

Solo run at home to Jeremy Peña gives the Astros a 2-1 lead over Velez.

What can’t he do?

Peña followed this up with a smooth play at the bottom of the fourth inning, minus the outside Jean Segura in the beginning.

making history

Bryce Harper He smashed Verlander’s four-seat speedball in the fifth inning, which is good for the most injured ball of the year. The Astros managed to get out of the inning unscathed, staying 2-1.


After hitting the double and reaching the third base on the wild court Seranthony Dominguez – Velez’s fourth pitcher of the night – Yuli Gouriel It is flagged at home after a rundown with Reese Hoskins.


The Astros added to their lead at the top of the eighth inning, thanks to a big hit from Jordan Alvarez This allowed Altoff to score and send Peña to second base after Hoskins hit the ball at first base.

in hand

Astros pitcher Ryan Presley Both Castellanos and . walked Bryson Stott At the bottom of the eighth inning. Next, Segura hit one field to the right, allowing Castellanos to score and close the gap, 3-2.

to reject!

Astros outfielder Tree Mancini I innovated the clutch when it mattered most by taking the most important third place with the Velez racers in first and third.

closing time

Phillies fought to the end, most notably the very strong ninth inning the Astros were sweating.

What could have been

JT Realmoto I was This is close To connect things at the bottom of the ninth, but Chas McCormick She has other plans. In the end, the home team couldn’t come back, and things ended there 3-2.

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