Eagles vs Texas: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly



The Eagles went 8-0 for the first time in franchise history Thursday night, after a tougher-than-sounding 29-17 win over the brawler Houston Texas At NRG Stadium.

It looked a bit suspicious even safe CJ Gardner Johnson Pigeon to intercept in the third quarter, break the tie in the first half.

Galen Hurts Complete 21 of 27 for 243 yards and two touchdowns, and a tight end Dallas Guedert He scored in eight high passes for 100 yards and touchdowns.

Defensively, intervene Javon Hargrave He achieved his best match as the Eagles, leading the team with seven tackles and three sacks.

The Eagles had problems with Houston’s tail Damon Pierce, who gained 139 yards in 27 gigs. It was the second time this season that the Eagles allowed a runner to dash for more than 100 yards, and the first time since the St. Detroit LionsTilback Dandery Swift sprinted for 144 yards against the Eagles in the season opener.

As a team, the Texans rushed for 168 yards, averaging 5.3 yards for a carry.

Davis Mills tore up the Eagles’ defense on Houston’s first trip and didn’t do much after that. He finished with only 13 completions in 22 attempts and two interceptions.

There was some good, along with a good dose of the bad and the ugly in the Eagles’ 29-17 win over the Houston Texans.

The good

Gardner JohnsonThe NFL’s leading fifth interception that was a career-high of third and sixth in Houston changed the game 17 with 8:13 remaining in the third quarter. Hurts found two plays later AJ Brown For a 17-yard touchdown and a 21-14 lead for Eagle.

Eagles coach Nick Syriani He showed great confidence early on by going relegation in the first Eagles series. The giant round of 18 games, 91 yards, 8 minutes and 4 seconds finished in A Miles Sanders“Running scoring from two yards.

Left Handle Jordan MailataHouston defensive tackle finishes Rachim Greene in a TD race at Yard Sanders. Mailata just drove Green to where he wanted to go, and created an open door for Sanders to walk into the end zone.

At three and nine in the fiftieth with just under 11:00 in the half, HargraveA six-yard sack forced Mills into Houston’s kick. The Eagles took their first lead in the next acquisition. Hargrave had his second sack when he grabbed Davis for a four-yard loss with 9:03 to play and the Eagles in front, 29-17. He finished the night with a third sack for a nine-yard loss at the 21 Eagles.

On the Eagles’ third flight, Sanders Explode to rush a combined 38 yards, which set up Kenneth JenwellLanding from four yards which gave the Eagles their first lead. receiver Zach Pascal Delivered a nice block down on Sanders’ 13-yard track, and Mailata created a huge gap by knocking out Houston’s Mario Addison on Sanders’ 25-yard gains. left guard Landon Dickerson He reached the second level to block full-back Galen Reeves Maiben.

DickersonA block on Houston quarterback Christian Harris upon Gynoel’s touchdown.

In the third and eighth round match Houston 20 in the opening game of the Eagles, Hurts hit Guedert For a gain of 16 yards and a second turn for the third and first eight down. The Eagles turned on each of the three defeats they faced in their opening career.

In the third and eighth inning with the Eagles 46 at the opening possession, the Eagles evaded interference Lynn Johnson Jump on the sneak and somehow the officials got it wrong. Fortunately, AJ Brown didn’t miss the Hurts’ nine-yard completion that converted another third to the Eagles.

On Eagles first drive, the beating hurts Quiz Watkins With a pass from six yards on the third and six on 21 for the Eagles. Make the Eagles chase after a bad start.

Guedert He caught eight high passes in the game for 100 yards and a touchdown. A four-yard TD pass from Hurts lifted the Eagles, 29-17, with 11:22 to play.

back Hasson Riddick He breaks off a pass in the first and tenth passes in 12 with 3:03 left to play.

back corner James Bradbury‘s Interception when the three Eagles before 2:03 to play.


With 12:09 left in the first half, Hertz fumbles the ball at Houston 35. Center Jason Kelsey He may have made a rare mistake, catching the ball while Hurts was unaware it was coming. The misunderstanding negated a strong drive and was the first losing stumble (and third overall turnover) for the Eagles this season.

back Sean Bradley Getting nailed to a call on hold in the ensuing start after the Texans scored in their first drive. The flag pushed the Eagles to the nines on their first flight.

Bradbury totally lost Texas receiver Phillip Dorsett in first and 10th in the Eagles 40. Davis hit Dorsett with a 32-yard pass to the Six Eagles. Dorsett ran straight by Bradbury. Two games later, Houston scored.

back corner Avonte MaddoxHe passed Rex Burhead on the first Texan ride, in third and fifth from the 46 Eagles. Davis hit Burhead on a short pass to the right with Maddox converging. Burkhead simply overdid it and drove it long. Maddox later missed Chris Moore for second and 14th at Houston 21 in the third quarter. Maddox’s puff turned into a 25-yard gain, which later led to a Kaimie Fairbairn 30-yard goal with a 1:15 left in the third quarter.


The Eagles defense The first trip from Texas to the game. It was the first time Houston scored his first goal of the season. Pierce made himself known to pound through the Eagles for 23 yards on four buggies, and the Eagles enabled Mills to look like Joe Montana’s second coming, allowing him to complete four of the four for 50 yards, including touchdowns. It was nine nails, 75 yards and the Texas made it look easy.

safety Marcus Epps He missed an interference on Pierce in the second quarter, 36 yards, which determined the equalizing score for Houston. Pierce ran directly via Epps, and via Cornerback slay Darius. The play set the Texans in the 27 Eagles on a two-minute warning. Three plays later, Houston tied 14-14. Pierce was rushing 88 yards by the first half.

After a very strong first run Melata, the left-hand tackle was poorly overpowered — twice — by 34-year-old defensive end Jerry Hughes, who sacked Hurts for less than 15 yards in two of the Eagles’ first three plays in the second half. The younger Hughes simply beat Mailata with his speed. Milata had a rough second half. He was later called up for an illegal midfield man penalty, eliminating Goedert 15 yards.

HargraveRough call with 10:38 to play. He came in second and eighth at Houston 27.

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