John Runyan Jr comes up with the silly idea that his father arrested Mike Evans to help Packer

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It’s good to be skeptical about the different things that can spoil your decision-making process. However, at times, efforts to identify potential conflicts of interest can run out.

This is exactly what happened with the suspension of the future of pirates Mike Evans.

The initial decision was made by the former NFL player John Runyan. His son plays with beams. The Hazmmon plays the role of pirates on Sunday. It obviously helps the firmness if Evans isn’t playing.

And so the idea arose on Monday that John Sr. would raise John Jr.’s name Evans’ comment. The racquet theory gained some legitimacy when Shifty actually honored her with a mention during the first half of a Vikings-Eagles match.

Although I usually like cute and sexy arguments, this is not an issue. As we explained earlierJohn, Sr. consults with others in the league’s office. Also, and much more importantly, the decision made by the league’s office is subject to appeal. If the suspension had not been warranted, James Thrash could have come to that conclusion, and he would have come to it.

On Wednesday, John Runyan Jr. addressed the idea that his father had done something powerful for him.

He was just doing his jobRunyan Jr. said, via Rob Damofsky of “He’s been doing this work for over half a decade now. It just so happens that we’re playing a pirate game this week. Everyone’s trying to make it this conspiracy theory, and it’s not.”

Runyan Jr. seems to agree with his father (and Trash) that Evans deserves comment.

“[It was a] “A mistake in judgment on the pitch,” said Runyan Jr. “Sometimes, these things happen. There’s a whole conspiracy theory going downhill, and it’s just not true. That’s just how it goes. You can’t run 15 yards trying to catch someone’s head when the play is over. It’s funny, though, how it goes in sometimes “.

Runyan Jr. handled the situation perfectly. The play is over. The whistle blew. Evans blasted off the edge of the field and slammed the Saints in the back corner Marshawn Lattimore. It was a dangerous and unnecessary maneuver. It was beyond the limits of actual play on the field. Evans got what he deserved.

And the Runyans don’t deserve to be on the wrong end of a stupid theory that distracts from the wrongdoing of the guilty party by pointing the finger at someone else and making something out of nothing.