Pixel Buds Pro update brings 5-band equalizer and volume equalizer

Google previously announced the latest app update for the Pixel Buds Pro, which brings us closer to getting a built-in, customizable five-band equalizer.

About APK Insight: In this “APK Insight” post, we have unpacked the latest version of an app that Google has uploaded to the Play Store. When we decompile these files (called APK files, in the case of Android apps), we can see different lines of code within this hint in possible future features. Keep in mind that Google may or may not ship these features at all, and our interpretation of what they are may be incomplete. We’ll try to enable those who are about to finish, however, to make it clear how they’ll look if they charge. With that in mind, keep reading.

When the Pixel Buds Pro launched earlier this year, Google announced that very few additional features would arrive in the earphones before the end of 2022. One of these upcoming features, Spatial Audio, teased in Android 13 QPR1 Beta, appears as New toggle with no visible functions.

Today, a new update to the Pixel Buds app – version 1.0.474476083 – started rolling out across the Play Store, and inside we’ve found multiple references for the upcoming equalizer feature. As promised at the beginning, you can only tune in to five different vocal ranges – “Low Bass”, “Bass”, “Mid”, “Treble” and “Upper Treble”.

A break from the traditional equalizer layout — which usually arranges the bands horizontally using vertical sliders — the Pixel Buds Pro EQ will have five horizontal sliders. Or, if you don’t want to play with each of the options, you can choose from seven different presets.

Create a custom equalizer

Adjust the sliders left or right according to your personal audio preferences

  • balanced
  • clarity
  • shortening
  • Heavy bass
  • last save
  • bass light
  • sound enhancement

In addition, the Pixel Buds app prepares to introduce the volume equalization slider, which allows you to play music/movies at a slightly different volume level for each of your ears.

size balance

The sound equalization feature may conflict with other sound equalization settings that are set on other devices.

At the moment, these features weren’t available on the device we tested, but they may start rolling out soon. If you get the new Pixel Buds app update on your phone, let us know in the comments if the new equalizer and sound equalizer options will appear for Pixel Buds Pro.

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