The Yankees hit the Grand Slam in consecutive innings

The name Aaron Judge And the word “history” has been used in the same sentence recently, and for good reason – Judge became the sixth player in AL/NL history to score 60 times in a single season with A single shot in the ninth half From Tuesday’s win over the Pirates at Yankee Stadium, the With two carrier pigeons, will set a record in the American League. But Judge’s teammates have made some history of their own.

After Judge Homer on Tuesday reduced New York’s deficit to three runs, Yank carried the rules to Giancarlo Stanton, who fired Grand Slam exit to secure a 9-8 victory. Then, in the first half Wednesday against Pittsburgh, the rookie Oswaldo Cabrera Connect the Grand Slam to the opening registration. It was the first time in AL/NL history that a team won a match in a Grand Slam and then scored the first four runs of the next with another big kick.

It was only the third time that a Grand Slam team scored in the last half of a match and then fell again in the first half of the next competition. The others participated in the Red Sox in 1955 and the Dodgers in 2017, according to the Stats Perform.

Yankees – Who Ride Back-to-back Championships by Judge and Aaron Hicks to A Defeat those same pirates On July 6 – it also became the first team in history to hit a slam in back-to-back rounds twice in one season. The feat is so rare that no other team has achieved a pair of consecutive majors against the same opponent at any time in its history – let alone the same season.

As the baseball world eagerly awaits Judge to break the sacred AL mark 61 times in one season, set by Roger Maris in 1961, Judge’s teammates set the table and serve up some historic appetizers before the much-anticipated main show. a path.